Psst … Mesmerizing And Shadowy Life Beneath The Waves Of Beautiful Ardmore

Continuing our series on the sinking of the Folia on March 11th, 1917 off the coast of Ardmore, we include two films that we hope you find of interest.

Both films offer rare glimpses of what it was like to be on board a U-Boat and also an insight into life on the seas for the ships that they attacked.

The first film gives an interesting account of what life was like on the U-boats and also their use during WWI.

It also includes an extract from the Claus Friedrich Bergen. He was the artist who was on-board the U-53 commanded by Hans Rose and captured so many wonderful artwork of his voyages.

The second film was actually created during WWI.  This silent, tinted documentary film presents the exploits of the U-35 with intertitle cards in English describing the sinking of various boats during that campaign.

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