Take A Bird’s Eye Trip Along The Cliff Walk In Ardmore, County Waterford

Stories about places are part of our tradition.

These stories say so much about who we are and about the lands that we temporarily inhabit.

The Ardmore Cliff Walk is one such place and is a “story to tell” in its own regard. To the casual visitor it is simply a path through Dysert in Ardmore in County Waterford. The Cliff Walk itself hugs the coast around the headland. And, it’s a requirement of any trip to Ardmore.

However, in reality, the Ardmore Cliff Walk in Ardmore, County Waterford means so many things to different people. In fact, no one person could really say it’s A or B but yet we all can relate stories, emotions, legends, and a whole bunch of those ineffable aspects that the Cliff Walk represents.

Here’s is one such story that I think we all can relate to.

It is a collection of the history and stories that John Murphy found, emanating from an accruing debt to Siobhan Lincoln and ardmorewaterford.com. This is the film he’s been working on for months. And, truth be told, it’s been done for a second time having accidentally deleted the first and all its files.

Much like the walk, this film is calm, slow and at times introspective.

John Murphy is an amazing Filmmaker, Visual Designer and Storyteller. John is based in Ardmore, West Waterford. He is soon to be (he hopes) a graduate of NUI Galway’s Drama, Theatre and Performance programme. He aspires to look like Carl Fredricksen from Up and gets closer by the day.

His work has focused on Theatre and promotional work. He operates remotely as a Freelance Editor and Motion Graphics Designer. Locally, he is available for full production

We hope you enjoy it! If you’d like to support John and see more of my work, you can follow him on instagram @slaod_ and on his YouTube.

For the fiscally inclined, you can buy him a coffee (perhaps a pint if god is good) at https://ko-fi.com/slaod, or just share the film with friends and family. It’s all very much appreciated!

Contact: John@slaod.ie

Website: www.slaod.ie

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