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Welcome to your seaside escape.

Ardmore, nestled beneath the majestic Round Tower, beckons you with a wide array of accommodations, activities, artistic treasures, and dining options, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Waterford’s stunning coastline all year round.

Come and stay!

Ardmore, a charming village in County Waterford, occupies a central location between Cork, Waterford, and Clonmel, making it an ideal stop along Ireland’s Ancient East Trail.

The name Ardmore stems from the Irish Aird Mhór, meaning “Great Height,” or alternatively known as High Sheep Island. With a resident population of approximately 330, which swells during the summer months, Ardmore holds the distinction of being the oldest Christian settlement in Ireland, founded by Saint Declan between 350 and 450 AD.

Ardmore offers a plethora of activities for visitors seeking to explore the sunny South-East. Its cliffs, harbor, village, and beaches have witnessed the presence of saints, endured sieges, welcomed mighty seafarers, and embraced visitors with open arms.

The strategic location of Ardmore grants visitors access to:

– Heritage sites
– Scenic wonders
– Sightseeing opportunities
– Enchanting walking paths
– Exquisite craftsmanship
– Captivating museums

When you visit Ardmore and Grange Waterford, don’t miss the following attractions:

– Ardmore Cathedral
– Ardmore Round Tower
– St. Declan’s Well
– St. Declan’s Oratory
– St. Paul’s Church
– McKenna’s Castle
– Ardmore Cliff Walk
– The Lookout
– Fr O’Donnell’s Well
– Samson Wreck
– Ardmore Pier
– Ardmore Main Beach
– Curragh Beach
– Goat Island
– Whiting Bay

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations in Ardmore. From the Michelin-starred Cliff House Hotel to the warm hospitality of the family-run Round Tower Hotel in the heart of the village, every need and preference will be catered to. Additionally, there are exceptional bed and breakfast establishments and guesthouses that offer truly special experiences to suit every visitor.

About The Ardmore Grange Heritage Group:

The Ardmore Grange Heritage Group was formed by a dedicated group of volunteers, including John Tierney, Lisa Dolan, Michael O’Reilly, Alan Peacock, Des Fitzgerald, Jeremy Ward, Glynn Moloney, Amanda Hosford, Billy Revins, and Anne Halley. The group’s mission is to preserve and protect the rich heritage of Ardmore and Grange. While the membership may have changed over time, the core objective remains the same.

This website has been recently expanded to provide comprehensive information for visitors to Ardmore and Grange in Waterford, in response to the area’s promotion and recognition as part of Ireland’s Ancient East.

It is important to acknowledge that this site was initially inspired by the passion of the late John Keever for everything related to Ardmore in County Waterford. The idea took shape during a conversation between John Keever and Des Fitzgerald over a game of 45 at Keever’s Bar. What began as a casual remark soon transformed into an endeavor to preserve the collected heritage of Ardmore through photographs. John Keever’s dedication laid the foundation for much of the content on this site.

We have made every effort to credit the owners/participants of the photographs displayed. If we have inadvertently missed anyone, please let us know, and we will rectify it promptly. As a strictly non-commercial site, please remember that the copyright belongs to the original owners. This website serves as a digital space for preserving the heritage of Ardmore-Grange, while also providing access for others to enjoy these pictures and records.

We would like to extend special thanks to John King for generously sharing his beautiful images of Ardmore, which have been featured on this site. All images, including those from other sources, are ©AGHG and/or respective owners.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy exploring the site, and we eagerly await your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at

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5 thoughts on “Discover Ardmore

  1. Hi. I’m sorry I haven’t downloaded photos yet, I will get to it. Can you tell me the best site to look up birth,wedding, death certificates? I’m not sure I have the correct one from Facebook. Thank you again for all your information. Trish Micheli (Power/Mulcahey Family)

  2. Hello Anne,
    I have been given your name by Dick Lincoln and I believe you are interested in joining our committee called “St Declan’s Way”.
    If you are interested in attending the next meeting it will be held in Cappoquin Community Centre, next Wednesday 5th October at 8pm.
    Kind regards

    Paula O’Brien
    St Declan’s Way

  3. Thank you very much for deciding to share so much of the history of Ardmore. My dad went to school in piltown. My grandparents address was prospect hall monatrea middle near youghal we used to visitmost summers. My dad would be 90 This year. I love looking at all the old pictures hoping to see a PIC of them. There is a piltown school one but I think my dad would have just left school by that point. Nanny and Grand dad name was Lena and Michael Fitzgerald but grandad was known as Mikey white, I think maybe because he had really white hair. Dads name was John. We do have holiday snaps,but it just lovely to seeing places that are in my heart. Every year my sister and I say we shoul visit , but time marches on. Thank you again. Moira Bawden (nee Fitzgerald)

    1. Thank you Moira

      That is a lovely account of your grandfathers history. I suggest you write a short piece about him in a chronological order and attach a photo of him in his younger days.
      Birth name – Also known as (AKO)
      Parents names
      Baptism details
      His time in Kinsalegeg and Monatrea
      As much detail as possible about his life in Ireland.

      Post it to facebook on a relevant site. I believe Kinsalegeg may have their own Facebook site. Or post it to
      someone you know in Ardmore so that it can shared as local history.

      Mick Casey

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