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Discover the Wonders of Ardmore in Waterford

Ardmore, situated in the sunny South-East of Ireland, continues to enchant visitors with its diverse offerings. Located just 40 miles from Cork, Waterford, and Clonmel, as well as along captivating Ireland’s Ancient East trail, Ardmore promises to captivate every traveller.

Start your exploration with a day of seaside bliss, basking in the beauty of the surrounding beaches. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic village, where picturesque homes, charming storefronts, gourmet restaurants, and a vibrant local community await. Indulge in the warm hospitality of the local bars, hotels, and coffee spots, or treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream. Ardmore seamlessly blends its rich heritage and fishing traditions with delightful chocolate-box homes, splendid hotels, and sweeping views of Ardmore Bay.

Whether you’re an avid walker, cyclist, or kayaker, Ardmore offers a wealth of adventures to suit your interests. Lose yourself in explorations of ancient castles, heritage sites, pristine beaches, lively bars, and a vibrant music and arts scene. Delight in local culinary delights, immerse yourself in exciting events and experiences or tee off at the golf course. Ardmore truly has something for everyone.

With a history shaped by saints, besieged by armies, and visited by sea-faring giants, few coastlines have witnessed as much activity as Ardmore. The region boasts numerous trails waiting to be discovered, ensuring you’ll never run out of things to do.

Prepare to embark on unforgettable adventures that will leave you craving for more. Ardmore isn’t defined by a single remarkable aspect; instead, it offers a multitude of extraordinary experiences.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Ardmore, from its remarkable heritage sites and scenic cliff walks to mesmerizing sea vistas and stunning beaches. Experience firsthand what makes this place truly special.

For us, Ardmore is an endlessly inspiring and thrilling place to live in or visit. Every day brings new and unique experiences, ensuring each visit is a fresh adventure. That’s why we love Ardmore.

Situated amidst scenic Waterford, which boasts its fair share of getaways and escapades, Ardmore stands out as the most beautiful and captivating destination. Cherished and cared for by local communities, Ardmore beckons you to embark on a journey of exploration.

Enveloped by its stunning backdrop, rich heritage, some of Waterford’s most picturesque beaches, and the awe-inspiring Round Tower, Ardmore offers adventures that cater to every taste. Simply choose your preferred adventure and prepare to be amazed by the wonders of Ardmore.

Ardmore Waterford provides convenient access to:

– Heritage sites
– Scenic landscapes
– Sightseeing opportunities
– Walking trails
– Craft experiences
– Museums

Don’t miss out on the countless attractions waiting to be discovered in Ardmore Waterford.

Take a virtual tour of the remarkable places to visit, supported by detailed articles on our website. Through our lens, you’ll catch a glimpse of the adventures that await you.

So, start exploring and prioritize the must-see attractions on your list.

Attractions in Ardmore:

Ardmore Cathedral: The awe-inspiring Ardmore Cathedral is not only visually stunning but also boasts an incredible history. Built by monks against the backdrop of the enduring Round Tower, this structure is a testament to the devotion and architectural prowess of its creators.

Ardmore Round Tower: Standing proudly in the heart of Ardmore, the iconic Round Tower has graced the landscape since the 12th century. Immerse yourself in its historical significance, envisioning what it must have been like for those who sought solace within its sturdy walls.

St. Declan’s Well: Follow in the footsteps of saints at St. Declan’s Well. With Ardmore Bay as its backdrop, this collection of structures includes a miraculous well, a hidden pathway, and a glimpse into the past. The Holy Well, dedicated to St. Declan, served as a baptistery and played a crucial role in the area’s Christianization.

St. Declan’s Oratory: Uncover one of Ardmore’s hidden gems at St. Declan’s Oratory, also known as An Beannachan. Nestled to the east of the cathedral, this humble structure is the smallest and oldest building in the graveyard. Its historical significance and the presence of the Lugudeccas Ogham stone make it a compelling visit.

St. Paul’s Church: The charming St. Paul’s Church, built in 1838, offers a place of worship and hosts remarkable services such as the Harvest Festival and candlelit carol services. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this historic place during the summer months.

McKenna’s Castle: Located a mile away from Ardmore, McKenna’s Castle, also known as Ardo House, stands as a grouping of towers and battlements. Explore the history and mystique of this architectural marvel in the townland of Ardoginna. Do remember that this site is on private land.

Ardmore Cliff Walk: Experience the beauty of Ardmore through its unique 4km cliff walk, offering breathtaking seascapes, legendary tales, abundant wildlife, and historic battle sites. Immerse yourself in Irish heritage as you follow the trail marked by yellow arrows on brown backgrounds.

The Lookout: Positioned on the headland of Ardmore, The Lookout treats visitors to awe-inspiring views of the sea. Originally built as an early warning system during the Napoleonic wars, this tower offers a glimpse into Ireland’s maritime history.

Father O’Donnell’s Well: Discover Fr. O’Donnell’s Well while exploring the wonderful Cliff Walk in Ardmore. This structure, dating back to approximately 1928, is renowned for its reputed curative powers.

The Samson Wreck: The wreckage of The Samson, a crane barge that ran aground off Ardmore’s Rams Head in 1987, remains an intriguing sight. This relic from history, bound for Valletta, Malta, provides a glimpse into maritime mishaps and stories of the past.

Ardmore Beaches: Ardmore’s sandy beaches offer the perfect setting for a delightful day out. Whether you visit the main beach, Curragh beach with its sinking sand and crystal-clear waters, or Whiting Bay, each shoreline promises unforgettable moments. Enjoy the amenities, shops, food, and accessible toilets in the village center.

Things to Do:

Ardmore has something for everyone, regardless of the season. Feel the allure of the sea, relish in the cliff walk, or reconnect with the village’s charming atmosphere. Rediscover old friends, create lifelong memories with family, and immerse yourself in the character and delights of the local community.

As the seasons change, Ardmore provides a wide array of activities for all. Explore the captivating cliff walk, unravel the mysteries of the round tower, and conclude your visit with a memorable stroll along one of the stunning beaches.

Ardmore’s remarkable backdrop sets the stage for an array of incredible adventures. Prepare to embark on thrilling experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

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In Ardmore, the road less traveled is the start of unexpected adventures.

Ready for a visit?

There’s more to discover in Ardmore.

Let us help you with the details.

Here’s a list of Ardmore’s curated businesses, services and activities picked just for you!
Ardmore Adventures
Ardmore Adventures specialises in exciting outdoor activities to suit all ages and interests from beginner to expert in the East Cork/West Waterford area. Main Street
 Ardmore, Co. Waterford Tel: 
083-3743889 Email: Website

Blackwater Cruises
The tour leaves from Youghal jetty and travels North up the River Blackwater, past Rhincrew, and towards the old bridge and the remains of Templemichael Castle. Passing Molana Abbey on the left, you’ll enter a tranquil, unspoiled area of natural beauty, as yet untouched by urban development. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes subject to weather and tides. Prices for Blackwater Cruises from Adults – €20. Children – €10. Contact Tony Gallagher on 087-9889076 or Website

Ardmore Open Farm
The open farm is located just minutes from the seaside village of Ardmore, Co. Waterford, and is beautifully situated overlooking Whiting Bay. Tel: 024 87600 Website

Ardmore Farmers Market is held every Sunday during the summer. Fun for all the family. Facebook Page

Waterford County Museum, St Augustine St, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. (058) 45960

Molly Keane’s Writers Retreat 086-4071811 Website

Sophie Frenchs Hair Boutique. Phone No: 086 1769088

Ardmore Diving
Ardmore Bay offers ideal conditions for sheltered inshore diving, and further, out to sea there are numerous dive sites including several wrecks .+353(0)876897600 E:

Monatrea Equestrian Centre
One of Ireland’s oldest established Equestrian centres, spanning some 60 years. Founded in 1951 with the purchase of ‘Spinster’ whose bloodlines are still to the fore in the Monatrea horses. We offer our guests the opportunity to ride with us through quiet country lanes, grassy boreens, and open farmland. The beautiful beaches of Whiting Bay, Ardmore, and Ferry Point are on our doorstep which makes for a lovely ride – tides permitting! Website

Explore the many art and crafts that Ardmore has to offer. No matter what adventure you choose, you’re sure to make wonderful memories in beautiful Ardmore.

Judy Shinnick Art Studio
Judy is an award-winning classically trained artist living and working in Ardmore Co Waterford and Dubai, UAE. Judy also teaches watercolour, oil, and mixed media workshops. Website

Brenda Harris Art Studio
Brenda is very fortunate to have the experience of living in two vastly different but very beautiful countries – Ireland & France. The surrounding landscapes in Ardmore, Co. Waterford, and Collioure in the South of France with their ever-changing climates inspire my work greatly. Tel +353 86 8371855 Facebook Page

Ardmore Pottery and Gallery
Mary Lincoln established Ardmore Pottery and Gallery in 1983. Tel: (0)24 94152

Bars & Food
Visit Ardmore and discover wonderful dining experiences, award-winning hotels and amazing craft shops. And yes, Beautiful O’Donnell’s new potatoes too.

Whatever your taste or budget we have a wide variety of restaurants and bars In Ardmore.

Keever’s Village Bar, Main Street,
, Co. Waterford 024-94141

White Horses Restaurant, Ardmore
Whitehorses is the perfect destination for those who like to visit culinary destinations. From mouthwatering seafood pancakes to delicious cakes and desserts, Whitehorses’ culinary delights are sure to please. Join us and get an authentic taste of Ardmore. Tel: 024 94040

From day one our vision has been about creating, making and serving delicious local food. We believe in craft, flavour, and supporting the people behind the product. Everything is local here at Shipmates, Deliciously Local. Get in touch with Shipmates to find out more about what we do and how easy it is to organise catering for your event. Whether you’re looking for a pig on a spit or a sit-down meal, we cater for all kinds of events. Website

Festivals And Events

Ardmore Pattern Festival Website

Community Groups

Ardmore Tidytowns Website

Dr. Fergal Slevin Health Centre, Ardmore, Co. Waterford (024) 94280
Mari Mina Pharmacy, Main Street 
Ardmore Tel: 024 94898

Sophie Frenchs Hair Boutique. Phone No: 086/1769088

Quinns Food store Tel: 024 94250

Beachcombers Beach & Ice-Cream Shop
Sharon and Harry look forward to welcoming you to their shop on main street Ardmore, Co Waterford. They will be pleased to be able to provide you with all your needs for a great day out in Ardmore. 024-87742/086-8097185

Oak Innovation Website

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  1. I will be visiting Ardmore in a weeks time and wondered if you help me. My Great Grandfather was a boatman in Ardmore from Dec. 1891-1894. and before that a boatman in Upper Cove and Lambay is.and in the Royal Navy from 1874-1886 plus years.
    His name is Luke Kilhams married to Emma Jane Goble and had 5 children.
    Alice b..Mar .1883 Portsea Island Gertrude b.1885 Portsea Is. Violet Victoria b. 18 Sept.1887 County Cork Sidney Luke b. 21 April 1889 Kinsale. Ireland Lilian M. b.1892 County Cork. I wondered if you knew where they actually lived and whether to house was still standing? Also if you have any history on their lives?

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