Everything You Need To Know About The Round Tower In Ardmore And Then Some More!

Stories are universal.

In fact, when we tell stories, we create connections. We inspire. We amaze. We shock. We disappoint. We grow legs. And, sometimes even arms.

If you think about it before all this talk of “social” media (and even way back to written accounts for us older lot), stories were all that we had.

Nights around the fire, telling yarns. Passing heritage. Telling tales. Selling heroes. Making account. Even, getting even if it was one of those years!

In many ways, it was the way we assigned meaning to our world.

This is the same for those of us that live, or visit, under the shadow of the Round Tower in Ardmore

And, every time anyone thinks that they know all there is to know about the Round Tower in Ardmore, someone comes along with something a bit different. And even, as in this case, a whole new way to tell the story of the Round Tower in Ardmore County Waterford.

Let’s meet another great storyteller from Ardmore.

John Murphy is an amazing Filmmaker and Visual Designer based in Ardmore, West Waterford. He is soon to be (he hopes) a graduate of NUI Galway’s Drama, Theatre and Performance programme. He aspires to look like Carl Fredricksen from Up and gets closer by the day.

His work has focused on Theatre and promotional work. He operates remotely as a Freelance Editor and Motion Graphics Designer. Locally, he is available for full production.

Contact: John@slaod.ie

Website: www.slaod.ie

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