The Truth About The Seven Lives Sadly Lost On The Folia – 11/03/1917

So often, discussions about shipwrecks give a sense of adventure and even treasure on the high seas. But, these images understandably come crashing down when you hear more of the lives lost at sea. Somehow, hearing the names and ages makes this even more real. Information on their occupations on-board gives an insight into what lives were like. And, then when you learn about their families it makes the tragic consequences of war on everyone even more real.

Below is information on the seven UK and Commonwealth Merchant Navy Seamen that were lost on the Folia sunk on 11 March 1917 by torpedo from the German submarine U-53 approximately 4 nautical miles East-South-East of Ram Head.

William Louis Beer was 40 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son Of Eliza Beer, Of 7, Fox Terrace, Stapleton Rd., Bristol, And The Late Samuel Beer. Born in Torquay. Rank: Fireman. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

Frank Bidgood was 37 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son of George Bidgood, and the Late Polly Bidgood; Husband of Joyce Grindstad (Formerly Bidgood, Nee Harris), Of 31, Regent St., Clifton, Bristol. He was born in Bristol. Rank: Greaser. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

David Martin Boyd was 42 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son Of The Late James And Agnes Boyd; Husband Of Margaret Mcmillan Boyd (Nee Smith), Of 33, Clifford St., Glasgow. Born in Saltcoats. Rank: Second Engineer. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

Edward Daley was 29 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son Of Edward And Margaret Daley, Of I, Coronation St., Aberkenfyl, Glam. Born At Newport, Mon. Rank: Trimmer. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

Johan Karlsen was 27 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son Of Karl Johan And Kristine Aronsen; Husband Of Florence Karlsen (Nee Brown), Of 11, Brickyard Terrace, Cadoxton, Barry, Glam. Born In Norway. Rank: Assistant Refrigerator Engineer Officer. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

Samuel Stewart (served As Mackenzie) was 42 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son of the late William And Jane Stewart. Born in Dublin. Rank: Donkeyman. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

Edward Albert Ward was 39 when he died on 11/03/1917. He was the son of the late John Henry And Charlotte Ward; Husband Of Annie Ward (Nee Mcgrath), Of 61, Frogmore St., St. Augustine S, Bristol. Born in Bristol. Rank: Fireman. Buried: Tower Hill Memorial.

If you know any more information on any of these sailors we would love to hear from you.

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3 Responses

  1. Tommy Mooney says:

    Can we presume that “Tower Hill Memorial” refers to the old Ardmore Cemetery at St.Paul’s Church ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for asking and we probably should have clarified. As a strange coincidence tour own twee hill, we’ve found them listed in Tower Hill Cemetery in London. Construction of the WW1.

      From what we learnt, this memorial to Merchant Seamen in Trinity Square Gardens was chosen as the site for those seamen and fishermen lost during World War 1 “With no grave but the sea”. Work started on the memorial in 1927.

      We have presumed that they were lost at sea given the explosion – unless you’ve come across any other information on bodies coming ashore??

      • edward bourke says:

        They are mentioned on the Tower Hill Memorial near the Tower of London where the names of merchant seamen and fishermen who died in the war have their names are recorded (32,000). There are no burials there. If the bodies were washed ashore they would have been buried locally. I am unaware of any such graves