These Amazing Images Show Just How Submarines Laid In Wait Outside Ardmore Bay

Over the years of WWI and WWII, many ships fell victim to the destructive power of submarine attack along the coastline of Ireland. And, nowadays we look out to sea enjoying the coastlines and understandably never think that once a powerful fleet hunted their prey and the many British warships and shipping vessels that would be torpedoed.

On hearing of these tragic stories our minds naturally are drawn to the sailors that died or were left for dead in our waters. But there are also fascinating stories of the sailors inside the submarines. What was life like? What images did they see? Well, fortunately, we have located some artwork that vividly presents life for one such vessel, U-53 during WWI. A submarine that was active coast of Ardmore. And, which attacked and destroyed The Folia on March 11th 1917, with the loss of seven lives.

This artwork is the work of Claus Friedrich Bergen. In 1917, he was on-board the U-53, commanded by Hans Rose.

We believe that this artwork speaks volumes.







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6 Responses

  1. Tommy Mooney says:

    Wonderful pictures, so evocative of being surrounded by heavy seas, far from harbour safety, and with an air of menace present in each one.

    • admin says:

      We think they are wonderful and really seem capture the whole energy. And gives a real sense of anticipation and peril that must have prevailed at the time.

      We have some more of this artwork to add in the next few days.

  2. Ber Keevers says:

    Thanks for compiling a wonderful list of resources. The children in St Declan’s are really interested in the sinking of the Folia. The topic provides a great platform from which to teach WW1.
    Ber Keevers

  3. John Sealy says:

    wonderful artwork, in the last comment you mentioned there was more coming? i cant seem to find the link to them.

  4. Truly awesome artwork depicting the war. These pictures gives a crystal clear picture on what’s it like to be in a war . Claus Friedrich Bergen had done a truly remarkable work

  1. January 29, 2017

    […] He was the artist who in 1917 was on-board the U-53 commanded by Hans Rose and captured so many wonderful artwork of his […]

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