Sharing Auld World Amazing Stories Of Ardmore With Visitors

Explore an ancient Christian settlement and where a saint lived and died. Marvel at the monumental Round Tower and Cathedral standing proudly over a beautiful seaside village.

You’ve reached the Historic Village of Ardmore in County Waterford. A place where Christianity was forged by a trail-blazing Saint and who’s name has been carved into this picturesque landscape forever.

Uncover the tales of St Declan. See the amazing architectural achievements laid down forever and perched on a small hilltop above this quiet village. And, read the harrowing tale of a siege that ended with the execution of over 100 men.

This is Ireland’s Ancient East in action and it’s time to explore years of vivid history.

We are pleased to include an article from The Gentleman’s Magazine about Ardmore written in 1864.











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  1. Robbie Whelan says:

    Haven’t read that for years! I love reading about the area, there are quite a lot of versions of the reliefs knocking about, for that matter the Ogham stone as well. If any of you want to give me a shout one day I will meet with you and show you the best way to actually see ALL the details in the images- I’m not the best at writing it down, but some of them are really beautiful-if you can really see them, which depends on your position and a camera will pick out some details the eyes wont. But you have probably seen it from every angle for years! Still, offer stands.
    Thanks for letting me know about the artical.

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