No Nudity Here: The Village That Lost Their Bathing-Lodges

In reality, the look and feel of Ardmore has not changed that much over the years. But the bathing lodges seem to have disappeared!!!

The dramatic cliff walk, patchwork of houses, winding trails, a charming village setting, and welcoming locals all lend themselves to creating a wonderful stay in Ardmore.

Ardmore Head

We look back to an early description of a trip from Dublin To Ardmore in 1884.

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This extract is from A hand book for travellers in Ireland : descriptive of its scenery, towns, seats, antiquities, etc. ; with various statistical tables also an outline of its mineral structure, a brief view of its botany, and information for anglers / by James Fraser (1884)

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  1. I have came across a old news paper from Waterford news . Incorprated with this journal may 9 1849. Brought out on march 28 1884. I was wondering if you would have any information on this paper. As there are great story’s in it . I be grateful lisa

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