The Secrets Behind The Siege Of Ardmore In 1642

We include a second account of the The Round Tower of Ardmore, and its Siege in 1642 (January 1, 1856) as presented in The Journal of the Kilkenny and Southeast of Ireland Archaeological Society BY JOHN WINDELE, ESQ.

Do You Want To Find Out More About Ardmore?

Ardmore is a seaside village in County Waterford. It is located 40 miles between both Cork and Waterford and Clonmel. And, it forms part of Ireland’s Ancient East Trail. Ardmore’s name comes from the Irish Aird Mhór, meaning “Great Height”. Another translation of Ardmore is High Sheep Island. It has a resident population of around… Continue reading Do You Want To Find Out More About Ardmore?

A Living Heritage

Heritage is all about people. Of course, we have to protect buildings and preserve sites. But, we also need to ensure that our heritage is kept alive. Living in the hearts and minds of us all. This makes heritage meaningful. And, engaging to us as a community. On this site, we’ve been seeing how the… Continue reading A Living Heritage