This Is What Happens If You Step Into Ardmore’s Amazing History – Students Of The Irish Schools

Jim Morrish found a picture recently of his late aunt, Eileen Murray (the young girl with the round glasses bottom right-hand corner 2nd row, wearing a black coat in the featured image).

He believes his mother, Maire Morrish, was too young to attend the college that summer as she’d have been but four years old. Their brother, Terry, is possibly standing on the far right by himself.

We also include some further images of other students. If anyone has any more detail or pictures we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Are there dates for more of the photographs, or any names? I think that I recognise my grandmother in one of them. Johanna/Hannah was married to Declan Cullen. They both taught at the college.

  2. Are there any records or accounts that indicate that John Betjeman, English poet attended the Ardmore Irish School c.1940. He was working at British Embassy in Dublin at that time.

    1. Dungarvan Observer 24 May, 2019 “A decision to learn Irish brought John Betjeman to Waterford, to study at Coláiste Deuglan.” My dad’s dad taught there for a number of years.

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