You’ll Be Sorry If You Miss “45” – An Amazing Film By Katie Lincoln

It is such a privilege to include this wonderful film by Katie Lincoln.

For everyone that knows of Reilly’s Bar, and indeed the brilliant game of 45 that takes part there every Friday night, you’ll appreciate the truly unique nature of this place and weekly event.

Michael once described the game of 45 as being “a microcosm of life”. And, in so many ways that is really true. But, it’s also just not about the cards. The players, their lives, their stories, and Ardmore itself all becomes part of the mix.

Personally, this card game should be remembered up there with the Round Tower, the Cliff Walk, Declan’s Stone, and lots of other things that people think of when they think of Ardmore.

And, for anyone that has ever played in the game there, you’ll know of the magic that can exist there. It will amuse you, annoy you, baffle you, get you cross, cause a dispute but at the end of the day, it will still always make you smile.

Truly a special place and game. And, Katie Lincoln and Michael O’Reilly have preserved this for generations to come.

This insightful documentary is directed by Katie Lincoln and produced by Ruth Treacy (Tailored Films). The director of photography is Julianne Forde and the editor is David O’Brien.

From the producers:

“45 is the great card game of the Irish countryside. What do you do to get by on the long lonely nights? For Michael, Tommy and Brian – they play 45.”

We would like to thank Katie Lincoln and Ruth Treacy of Tailored Films for letting us show this film on our heritage site.

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  1. Wasn’t that Pat Connell I saw there ? Hard to tell all the way here in Massachusetts!!
    Thank you Katie…. Your Grandmother would be proud of you !

  2. A gen of a film. A character and tradition of Ardmore that is now preserved. Thank you, Katie.

  3. The film is super it shows how the game of 45 is enjoyed in your wonderful pub with friends.If it wasn’t there it would surely be missed. Michael you do a very good narration You can be very proud of yourself.

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