The Village That Lost Their Bathing-Lodges

In reality, the look and feel of Ardmore has not changed that much over the years.

The dramatic cliff walk, patchwork of houses, winding trails, a charming village setting and welcoming locals all lend themselves to creating a wonderful stay in Ardmore.

Ardmore Head

We look back to an early description of a trip from Dublin To Ardmore in 1884.

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This extract is from A hand book for travellers in Ireland : descriptive of its scenery, towns, seats, antiquities, etc. ; with various statistical tables also an outline of its mineral structure, a brief view of its botany, and information for anglers / by James Fraser (1884)

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One thought on “The Village That Lost Their Bathing-Lodges

  1. I have came across a old news paper from Waterford news . Incorprated with this journal may 9 1849. Brought out on march 28 1884. I was wondering if you would have any information on this paper. As there are great story’s in it . I be grateful lisa

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