Let’s Put Lost History In Context – Can You Help?

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Take the first step and help us preserve the heritage of Ardmore. We need your help to fill in the names that we are missing. And, maybe you can correct any wrongly identified individuals in these photographs?

Picture 1



Seated: Ms Allen, Mary Rooney, Kay Downey, Ann McGrath. Middle: Matt Faherty, Betty Coughlan, Ita Corbett, TBC, Mary O’ Connell. Standing (L-R): Alice Carlton, Noreen Downey, Anne Ducey, Joan Lenane, Mary Hennessy, Michael Troy. Back Row: Paul McCarthy, Maurice Colbert, Declan Cullain, Tony Gallagher, Donal Lenane, John Donnell, Seamus Cashman, Garret Ducey, Michael O’ Reilly, Doc Moloney.


Photograph 2


James Moloney, Mrs Flavin, Mr Mansfield, Mrs Coughlan, Mr Manasfield, TBC, John Keevers, John Whelan, J. Flaherty, Derlva Moloney, John Mansfield, John Joe Flavin, Paddy Joe Stillwell, Mr Mansfield + TBC.

Middle: Brian Mansfield, TBC, TBC, TBC, Ms Deirdre O’ Brien, TBC, TBC, TBC,

Marie O’ Sullivan, Stanley Stillwell, Michael Fahey, Anne Mansfield, Cynthia Lewis, TBC, Kenneth O’ Briem, TBC, Jame Moloney


Picture 3


Back: Mrs Harty, Maurice Baron, Johnny McGrath, Pieri Foley, Joe Curran, unnamed, Dee Monney, Jack Cooney, Tommy Morty. Middle: Mikey Power, Unnamed, Ned Foley, Unnamed, Unnamed, Paddy O’ Neil, Frank Troy, Batty Manasfield, Jimmy Lynch, Stephen Power, Michael Hurton. Front: Bridie Brien, Peggy Keevers, Kathleen Carlton


Picture 4


Johnie Grady, Matty O’ Brien, Tom Veale, Jimmy Troy, John Moloney, Johnnie Fitzgerald, Tommy Keevers, Unnamed, E.G.H (William Halpin owner of the Devonshire Arms in Youghal)


Picture 5


Donal Lenane, Unnamed. Middle: Dan Grady, Alice Carlton, Eileen Moloney, Mrs Moloney, Kathleen Carlton, Paddy Predergast. Front: Willie Mulcahy, Betty Mansfield, Tommy Hallahan


Picture 6


Top (L to R): Sean Og Mulcahy, Doanal O’ Brien, Jimmy Burke, Jimmy Flynn,  Donal Jewell, Billy Mooney. Middle Row (L to R): Josie Mulcahy, Nora Corbett, – Bell, Madge Foley, Moira Donovan, Vera Mooney. Front Row (L to R): Paddy McCarthy, John Spillane, Donal O’ Connell.


Picture 7


Left To Right: 1st Unknown, 2nd James Predergast, 3rd George Lennon, 4th Jim Mansfield, 6th Unknown.


Picture 8


Back Row: Pat McGarry, Patrick Flynn, Tom Harty, Mickey Mulcahy, Jimmy Lynch, Michael Harty, Eddie Mansfield, Davy Flynn. Middle Row: John Keevers, Tommy Mulcahy, Eddie Quinn, Martin Troy, Michael Keane (Clarkestown), Jim Predergast, Willie Flynn, Frank Try, Fr Michael Hurly, John Hallahan. Front Row (L to R): Michael Flynn,Tommy Keevers, John Mansfield, Denis Prendergast, Fr James Hurley, Paddy Monsell, Martin Mulcahy, Hugh Foley, Paddy Foley (Ballinamona)


Picture 9


John Mansfield, John Cronin, Unnamed, Mr Mansfield, John Whelan,  Breda Whelan (nee Stilwell). Front: Unnamed, Unnamed, John Keevers


Picture 10


Mickey Troy, Matt Crowley, Fr Jim Flynn, Jimmy Tro (Cliff), Willie Power, Eddie Ducey, M. Keane (Duffcarrick), Frank Nugent, Jimmy Walsh (Monea), Paddy Mulcahy (Clarkestown), Jackie Power, M Walsh (Monsignor), Michael Ducey, Mickey Barron, Jimmy Broderick, Willie keane (Duffcarrick), Eddie Moloney, Johnny Crawford, Tom McGrath, Mickey Lynch, W Terry (Ardo), Jackie Mulcahy, Jackie Keane, Oliver Foley, Jimmy McGrath (Dysert), John Troy, Frank Foley, Eddie Mansfield, Paddy Foley (Cliff), Tom Harty, Michael Keane, Deug Mulcahy, Mickey Allen. Mr Crowley (Teacher)


Picture 11



Back Row: Paddy Mulcahy, Jimmy Morrissey, Jim Keevers, Paddy Mansfield, Jim Cullen, Tommy hallahan. Front Row: Jimmy Mansfield, Jimmy Allen, Mickey Costin, Jack Keane, Tommy Power, Henry Curran, John Burke.

Picture 12



Back Row: Mossie Hallahan, Richard Hennessy, Jim Cullen, Noel Conway, Jamesie O’ Donnell, Frankie North, John Cronin, Bertie Hallahan, Tom Morrissey, Pat Prendergast, Noel O’ Connor, Jay Prendergast, Liam Lincoln, Billy Harty. Second Row: Denis Conway, John Colbert, John Hennessy, Pat Hennessy, Matty Cronin, Michael Hennessy, Martin King. Front Row: Joe Conway, Michael Power, Pat Fitzgerald, John Prendergast, Tom O’ Connor, Declan Cunningham, Michael Hickey


Picture 13


Front Row: John Joe Carlton, Finbarr Hallahan, Tommy Mooney, Nora Foley (Supporter), Kenin Gallagher, Donal Lenane, Donal O’ Brien, , Paddy Joe Lenane. Back Row: Jim Keevers, Jim Cullen, John Mulcahy, Christopher Mooney, M Faherty, Matthew Mulcahy, Matthew Barry, Michael Carlton


Picture 14



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25 thoughts on “Let’s Put Lost History In Context – Can You Help?

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much for this information and we do hope that you enjoy the website.

      If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you.

  1. Hi,

    I noticed the names for picture 12 are under picture 14 because my dad is in picture 12 (Tom) and I know most of the rest. Site looks great!


    1. Trevor

      Many thanks for spotting this and I think this is now correct?

      Glad you like the site and do let us know if there is anything else we can improve.

  2. Picture no. 9 the woman next to John Whelan is his wife Breda..ne Stilwell. Site looks great and well done to all involved, ye have some great photos!

    1. Thanks Robbie
      Glad you like the site – with help from everyone we should end up with something great for future generations.

  3. paul mc carthy far left on back row in picture number 1,maurice colbert next to him and paul thinks its declan cullain next to maurice.also doc moloney at the end,far right.

  4. The person in Picture One, in the back row, third from the right is my grandfather! His name is Jim Mooney, He’s still alive and well!

  5. At the risk of seeming pedantic, can I offer some information on some of the photos and some corrections.

    Pic 1. Back Row; Fourth from left is Tony Gallagher, it looks as though his name was accidentally omitted.

    Pic 4 2nd from left along the back row should be named as Paddy Flynn (Duffcarrick) not Matty Brien. Squatting down, in front, is Mikee Brien (Ballinamona)

    Pic 5 All names , in one row , from left Dan Grady, Donal Lenane, Alice Carlton, Unknown man, Eileen Moloney, Willie Mulcahy, Maura Moloney, Batty Mansfield, Kathleen Carlton, Tommy Hallahan; Kneeling in front Paddy Prendergast.

    Pic 7 Jim Mansfield is 5th from left, (the very small man at 4th from left is unknown, but could be Paddy Paul) At the extreme right is Eddie Spratt.

    Pic 12 Middle row, fourth from left is Declan Hennessy.

  6. Pic no. 2 – back row, between Mr Manasfield, and John Keevers, sure that is John Faherty.

    Pic no 2- back row, person directly to left of Derlva Moloney is Noel Looby

  7. My mom recognizes a few of the names. I have to show her these pictures. She is John Mulcahy’s sister Bridget Philomena born 1934. My grandfather was Laurence Mulcahy and grandmother Mary Mulcahy.

  8. Picture no 3, middle row between Mikey Power and Ned Foley, it looks like my father, Sean Roche. I won’t see him until the end of this month (I live in France). But I’ll try get one of my sisters to show the picture to him. His eyesight is only fair, but he may be able to add a few missing names to some of the other photos.

  9. Picture 8, are Tom Harty & Michael Harty related. Could be my Father & Uncle. Do you know when this picture was taken ?

  10. I had an uncle, Jim Cullen. I think that he might be the one in picture 11. 12 is him, but I am not sure of 13. Does anyone know? What ‘papers are those 3 pictures from, and what dates?

    1. The same Jim Cullen (RIP) is in pics 11, 12 & 13. He was a son of Deuglan O’ Culliu, who was NT in Grange school, a great Gealgoir. Jim himself taught in Old Parish and Dungarvan.

  11. Hi Admin, I have a picture of my GrandUncle Mick Terry, Clashanahy, Kinsalebeg, his first cousin Kathleen Gallagher (nee Terry) StepMother of Kevin Gallagher and Tony Gallagher (Blackwater Cruises), Ardmore, Eileen Walsh (nee Ronayne) and her sister Peggy O’Donnell if you would Ike to add it to this site? Kind regards, Ann

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