Did 19th Century Media Perpetuate Religious Women’s Wells To Gráinseach?

If you like to peel back history, you’ve probably noticed that so often the focus of old articles is on Ardmore. But, we were delighted to find this journal article from 1841. Although it ends with a somber impression of the area, it is well worth exploring. It also gives some valuable information on Grange in Waterford.

It is an ordinance survey completed by a John O’ Donovan in 1841 and describing the antiquities of County Waterford.

“SITUATION. This Parish is situated in the Barony of Desies Within Drum and is bounded on the north, east, and partly on the south by the Parish of Ardmore, and on the west by that of Kinsalebeg.

NAME. Is in Irish Gráinseach, meaning a granary or storehouse for corn where the farmers brought the tenth part of their corn for the use of the Clergy. Of the old Church of this Parish no part remains at present but the southeast corner and very small fragments of the side walls but from the foundations, it can be ascertained that it was sixty feet in length and twenty feet in breadth. Its walls were three feet one inch in thickness and built of slate stones and lime and sand cement. Its graveyard is still in use but contains no monument of antiquity.

In the Townland of Baile Eileain or as it is anglicized Ballylane, there is a holy well called Tobernamanrialta (Tobar na mBan Riaghalta) i.e, the Religious Women’s Well, at which Stations were performed on the 15th of August. It is said to have been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin but it never bears her name.

There is nothing else of any antiquarian interest in this Parish.”

Grange Cementary In Waterford Ireland

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  1. Dear “Ardmore, Grange Heritage Group”,

    I was thrilled to find your site recently. Thank you for all of your postings. Please, please, keep them coming. My paternal grandfather is from Ardo and I have been visiting / studying Ardmore for the past 13 years. I have been lucky enough to get to know many of the locals and have been tracing my roots through every source available. Your information is priceless. MY grandfather was John Leahy. He was born in Ardo in 1870 to Patrick Leahy and Mary Fitzgerald Leahy. They had a cottage near the edge of the Cliff rented from Walter Terry. The O’Connell brothers were kind enough to bring us … several years ago… to the cellar hole that still exists. My grandfather and his 2 brothers came to the US in the 1890’s and their 3 sisters remained in Ireland. Going back a generation, some of the siblings of Patrick were born in Grange.

    I am obsessed with genealogy and with the help of John Fitzgerald, (gray house, RIP), the O’Connells and Teresa and Mossie O’Connor and Margaret Coyne, I was able to connect with some of my Fitzgerald cousins still in the area…. They are from Mick Fitzgerald’s line (he is mentioned in many articles).. and are Mary Murry and Katherine Hourigan. Mick Fitzgerald mentioned is the nephew of my great grandmother. I was also abIe to find a Leahy cousin, Ursula O’Neill (Youghal). I share all of this to let you know that what you are doing is a great service to those of us who crave information about family history. Even though I have uncovered some of the information already on my own, I still enjoy reading your version. On our next trip (Spring) to Ardmore, I would love to meet you and thank you in person. Please continue on with your labor of love. I can’t wait to see what you will post next. Gratefully, Eileen Myers / Pittsfield Massachusetts

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