Even The Most Heedful And Experienced Reaper Came To Beautiful Ardmore

Plan your escape to a secret getaway.

Nestled into the cliff on the Sunny South East the small village of Ardmore will captivate you forever.

You can’t turn around in any corner in Ardmore without facing some awe-inspiring view, heritage-thumping location, or even a mind-bending piece of folklore.

Stories and legends crisscross this wonderful area and none such more than those collected in the following article from 1845.

So, if you like to peel back history, then we encourage you to jump in and immerse yourself in this wonderful article from Frazers Magazine For Town And County. (A wonderful picture from John King – All Rights Reserved).p1ardmore p2ardmore p3ardmore p4ardmore p5ardmore p6ardmore p7ardmore p8ardmore p9ardmore p10ardmore p11ardmore p12ardmore p13ardmore p14ardmore p15ardmore

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