Three Buildings That Are Now Lost Forever

Like any village in Ireland, time marches on and the buildings evolve to meet the needs of the community. However, we include pictures of some notable losses: Colaiste Deuglan which once stood proudly in the village (within the same location of the Round Tower Hotel), the old Police Barracks (by Whitehorses and The Hall) and the old schoolhouse (in the car park).

In 1945 an I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey of Ardmore wrote about Colaiste Deuglain, known as Monae House, former residence of the late John Leonard Bagge. Bought from Leonard Bagge in September 1921, by the late Rev. James Walsh P.P. Portlaw (native of Kilrossanty, Co. Waterford) and Micheal O Foghludha, P.C. present Secretary and Managing Director, and since then is used as an Irish College. It contains a good library [Irish books] and a number of paintings including “The magpie and the maid” by Sir Philip Langress, “The shepherd’s wooing” and “Pharoe’s Daughter”. Colaiste Deuglain is not usually open to visitors.

All the above sites are now gone and lost forever.

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